Every time I go to one to other place, food always has the first place in my mind. I’ve never been to Korea before nor experience their authentic food. In fact, I had a bad experience with Korean food, last time one of my friend brought me to one Korean restaurant in Singapore. It was a shame.

When I landed my feet in Korea, I was curios to find out what is the real Korean food tasted like. Here they are.


ImageBBQ. Yeah, we love barbecue. Pork at its best, tender, juicy, tasty, served with Kimchi and soup, my God, heaven!


ImageImageKimbab, Korean sushi.




Octopus bimbimbab

ImageToppoki, korean rice cake, served with tempura and a cup of broth. A good toppoki for me must has the right texture, not too chewy, and not too mushy.




I forget the name of this stuff, but the soup taste sweet and sour, very tasty.


This is…….sex in the mouth


Street food!


This Irish pub serves authentic Irish and British foods. It’s located at Itaewon, a tourist area where you might find difficulties in finding Korean food. The fish and chips and the burger were superb.


Street food, again.


This chicken dish was superb. Sweet,sour, sticky sauce, toppoki, tender chicken, and SPICY!!!

Absolutely, my perception towards Korean food changed 180 degrees after eating all these stuffs. They were absolutely great. Oh ya, by the way, the alcohol down there is cheap. Make sure that you visit some bars or pub when you’re there, and let a glass of beer accompanies every single meal you have. Peace.

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