Chinese food.More Than Just a Wok. get it?


Ok, let me tell you something. I went to this restaurant (you can blame me not to post the front appearance of the restaurant) when I was very hungry with my girlfriend and two other friends. This restaurant was very unique, for the starter they will serve you like what you saw at the first picture. Basically they’re sticky rice balls with pork filing and egg yolk. Each person only got ONE! One godamn ball! My friend told me to not finish it too soon before other dishes are coming out. I didn’t care, it was really lovely, juicy, tasty, and every single bite of it just made me craving for it more and more. You know what, you won’t be able to order that ball again. It’s their rule, their uniqueness for every customer to have only one ball. I was very sad, so I ordered plain rice instead.

Everything were nice, very nice indeed, but the only outstanding dish for me beside the ball was the last picture. Basically it was a fried pork with chili or something. I thought that dish was mediocre like other Chinese restaurant that serve fried pork with dried chili, spring onion, sechuan pepper. But the star ingredient for me was not the pork, but the chili! The chili was so delicious, extremely crispy, and the heat was not aggressive at all.

This frog dish was very tasty. It has potato, celery, ginger, dry chili, spices. Love it.

This noodle shop is run by a family from western part of China (that’s what my girlfriend told me). They’re Moslem, so that you won’t find pork in here. I like the Chinese pancake for my starter. It was soft, simple, something that you want to have for your breakfast. They have 2 options for topping, scallion and carrot. For the noodle, at the top you have like a regular la mian or chinese noodle, but served with minced meat, scallion, egg. Simple but full of flavor. You can put some chili from table side which I did. But the chili was mixed with spices so that it gives extra kick to the noodle. At the bottom pitcure, I have a kind of home made tagliatelle, even the sauce tasted very similar with tomato sauce, and the most important, the noodle was cooked al-dente.

Sorry, these were not the best picture I’ve taken. But these are kaorou, Chinese barbecue, one of my favorite food. They have lots of ingredients that you can choose ranged from fish, beef, lamb, chicken, liver, broccoli, aubergine, you named it, they served it. They grilled them on top of charcoal so that you get the smoky flavor. And for the seasoning, they use Chinese seasoning, pepper, chili powder, and garlic oil. The right balance of seasoning is crucial. I liked the way they prepared the aubergine. They grilled it, basted it with oil, when it turned soft, they cut into half, throw the garlic oil, spring onion, seasoning, WALA. HEAVEN!

Another noodle shop, they called it Saguo in Chinese. At first you’ll have to choose some toppings such as crab stick, pork/fish/beef balls, mushroom, prawn,oyster, and so on. After that you have to choose the noodle. They have thin and thick rice noodle, la mian, and the noodle that appear on the picture. They will cook all the stuffs in the claypot. Close your eyes, imagine that the weather is windy and cold, take a slurp of the noodle, tasty broth. Oh man…

I called this dish Chinese crepe. I won’t give any description. Just looked at the picture. All i can say that it tasted 10 times better then french crepe.

Be Careful of fake Wine! look at this carefully. I think for you who know about wine will notice easily about this wine. This is the fake version of the famous french wine Chateau Lafite. In China, they sell it as Chateau Lafitte, or by using “double T”. It’s cheap, but it tastes horrible.

They will be more updates for this post when I have a chance to return again. Thanks for reading

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