Greg’s Restaurant

Fine dining restaurant in China isn’t a new stuff these days. In fact, you can find some of culinary destination here. But for a small city like Xiamen, it’s still quite rare, especially for French restaurant. During my trip to xiamen, I was randomly typed at google “fine dining xiamen” “french restaurant xiamen” “best restaurant xiamen”, and this restaurant was recommended by Trip Advisor, and receives good reviews.

Greg’s Restaurant is a French restaurant that served rustic French cuisine by Louraichi Gregory who was working as a Head Chef at Xiamen Pan Pacific Hotel before.

Amuse Bouche:

Toasted bread with tomato salad


Pumpkin Creme Brulee served with sliced scallop and balsamic reduction.

I just realized that I made a mistake by ordering this dish when it was being put on the table. The creme brulee and the scallop didn’t go together at all. For the creme brulee itself the texture was splitting, and slightly bland. What a shame.

Truffle Mushroom Soup

This soup was taste delicious, it has the right balance. But, the texture was far too runny.



Duck Confit with Salad, and Potato Gratin

I felt bad about this dish. This was a shame for a classic Duck Confit. The duck was far far away too dry, slightly bland. The only good thing about this plate was the potato gratin which was very tasty.

Grilled Salmon

This dish was really outstanding. The Salmon was grilled to perfection. Crispy skin, but the flesh was really soft and tasty.

Vanilla Creme Brulee

The sweetness of the creme brulee wasn’t enough for me. You might say that taste is personal. But, the consistency of the dish was too runny.

Chocolate Tart

I had no mood to taste it. But my girlfriend said it wasn’t too bad

My overall experience with Greg’s Restaurant was not that good. I’m not trying to be a snob here. But at least I wanted for it to be just right. Other that that, the service was excellent, the staff were English speaking, the buzz was really good. Maybe they will getting better.

Greg’s Restaurant

1C,No 10,Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen 361012, China
+86 0592 5316600

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