Novus Restaurant

Placed inside Singapore National Museum doesn’t make Novus Restaurant trapped in time by serving outdated dishes. Lead by Chef Stephan Zoisl who had been trained at some Michelin star restaurant in Asia and Portugal, and even landed himself  at The Fat Duck Restaurant, Novus serves Modern European Cuisine.

I was visiting this place on Easter day, instead of having the regular 60+ set menu, I had the $88++ Easter menu. It was a regular 4 course menu with several options for each course except the second course.



Amuse Bouche:

Seafood Ball (Scallops, fish, prawn), Tar Tar sauce, Oyster Leaf

 I prefer to have a scallop sitting on its own shell instead of mixed into mediocre seafood ball. Nothing wrong with the ball really, but that’s about it, nothing’s special. Thanks to the unique oyster leaf, like its name, it’s taste like oyster.


Foie Gras hot and cold. Figs, Passion Fruit, Red Veined Sorrel, Foie Gras.

Look at this. At the moment when this dish came to me, it was like broke my heart into million pieces. First of all, the presentation was way too messy. I don’t care if this is the way they want it to be presented, or you might disagree with my point of view. But this was just horrible.

The idea of this dish is serving cold version of Foie Gras in powder form, and hot version in mousse form.

For me, this dish was just far too rich. I was having confusion in the texture of hot version whether it was suppose to be mousy or custardy. If mousy, it was too runny. If custardy, it was too thick.

Flavor wise? The mousse was too sweet. It was almost like having a desert, almost unedible, the sourness from the passion fruit and the fig was failed to make the dish work. What a shame.

Warm Entrée:

White Asparagus. Soup vs Tempura

It’s a simple dish, and I expected it to be spot on. I took my first bite of the tempura. And it was slightly soggy. Damn. Move on to the soup. It was right in flavor wise, but I expected it to be slightly thicker. In my opinion, I would have this kind of soup with croutons for my breakfast, but not for my Easter dinner.


Lamb Trio. Roast Lamb Rack, Braised Lamb Shank Ragout, Lamb Wellington, Chargrilled Capsicum, Charcoal-polenta Rosemary

This dish was like an angel that saved me from my nightmare on Easter night. The roast lamb rack was absolutely spot on, the seasoning was perfect, pink and moist. The pastry of the wellington was slightly soggy, and the meat was not presented as the way I asked. I wanted it to be medium, not grey. The ragout was great.

It was absolutely delicious, every main component was spot on, but I just feel that they need to stop somewhere, the feeling was like after finishing my lamb rack, and moved to other component, I felt that these three things shouldn’t be on the same plate.


Chocolate palate with raspberry. White choholate, Chocolate 55%, 66%, 72%, 80%.

This was a pretty dish. I like the presentation and the idea. It was smart. I like it when at the moment you put the first chocolate component from left to right, it was like a journey of flavor and texture. The progression of flavor from sweet to bitter was amazing, the texture was perfect, and you will get excitement when you bite the Raspberry candy that sparks in your mouth, it wasn’t a new idea, but it works really well with this dish.


Hardly to say, Novus failed to make a great impression, I was expecting perfection from this simple 4 courses menu. I came with great expectation after reading some other blogs and articles about it. Again, maybe it was wrong for me for the setting the high expectation, or maybe we just has different opinion.


Novus Restaurant:

National Museum of Singapore
93, Stamford Road #01-02
Singapore 178897
+65 6336 8770


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