Eleven Madison Park

#50 Best Restaurant in 2010,  #24 Best Restaurant in 2011, and #10 Best Restaurant in 2012, *** Michelin, Eleven Madison Park or known as EMP unarguably is one of the best restaurant in the world. The Switzerland chef, Daniel Humm, sharpened his skills at 3 Michelin Star restaurant Le Pont De Brent. In 2005, he won Food & Wine Best New Chef Award from his previous restaurant, Campton Place in San Francisco.


This luxurious restaurant offers modern French cuisine. Clearly, chef Humm is so obsessed with perfection and great produce. The structure of the flavor in every dish elevates your palate from the mildest taste as possible to the strongest element. It’s all about multi-sensory dining experienced where texture, aroma, flavor, and presentation play harmoniously on the table.


I had a full-course tasting menu.

 Smoked Apple Tea

The sweet and sourness from this apple consommé refresh your palate instantly.

 Quail Egg, Bacon, Toasted Brioche.

The combination of flavor plays really well on your palate. The quail egg was still runny inside so that it melted in my mouth like butter. The thin strip of bacon was like binding the flavor together. Delicious.

 Black and White cookies.

This is the twist of New York traditional cookies. Don’t be fooled. It wasn’t chocolate and vanilla cream, but truffle and goat’s milk. Amazing!

 Mackerel and Scallop

Scallop:  Scallop Crisp, Scallop Ceviche, Black Sesame Puree

Mackerel: Horseradish Chip, Mustard

Both combinations work well. I like the texture difference between the scallop ceviche and the crisp. There was a hint of Meyer lemon that brought up the flavor of the scallop dish.


Greek Yoghurt Lollipop with a hint of curry

Eating this lollipop will instantly transform you into a small kid and his ice cream. I found this lollipop dish was clever. The crunchiness and the smoothness of the yoghurt made you want this even more.

Chickpea panisee with Yoghurt

 Shrimp, celery root, apple snow

This tiny little bowl was absolutely refreshing, the shrimp was really fresh, and each component  played really well.


This dish was quite gimmicky, the waiter started to pour water on to the hot stone and immediately the sea aroma was filing your nose. There are two versions of clam, the first one is clamp with butternut squash and chorizo. The second one is clam with celeriac, apple, and fennel. The other side are chorizo cornbread madelaine and lobster croquet. The clam chowder presents simplicity at its best. It’s thick, rich, but mild at the same time, tasty. I hope I can enjoy this bowl of clam chowder on the beach.

 Bread with Cow and Goat’s Milk Butter.

The texture of the bread was really good, but I found it somewhat too salty. Quite disappointing for me.

 AlmondVariations with Mangalitsa Ham and white Balsamic vinaigrette

 Foie Gras Cured with Black sesame, Gem Lettuce, and Duck Proscuito

This Foie Gras salad was quite surprising for me. This dish was like a great escape from the pan fried foie gras cliche. It was well balanced. The cured Foie-Gras co-operate really well with the vinaigrette and the greens, it wasn’t that bold and over-rich.


Smoked sturgeon with Caviar, Pickels, and Cream Cheese, Poached Quail Egg, Lettuce.

The smoked fish was tasty and has the perfect texture. The one thing I like about this dish is the caviar itself. Heaven!. The combination of the caviar and the Meyer Lemon-cream cheese was fantastic.

 Whey: Fresh Curd, Caraway Gnocchi, and Spring Herbs

My personal opinion, I don’t like this dish at all, the broth tasted somewhat weird in my palate. It was like eating greens with plain hot water.


Meyer Lemon-poached lobster, Burnt Leek, and Shellfish Bisque.

The lobster was absolutely fantastic, spotless cooking. The burnt leek was great, it has the sweetness and smoky flavor that compliment the lobster really well.


55 days-dry aged beef roasted with Wood Sorrel, Marble potatoes, pea puree, mushroom, bordelaise sauce.

I’m not a big fan of “sous-vide” beef, I prefer my beef to have some burnt mark on it, tender but not soft. Overall it’s a great dish anyway. Unarguably delicious.

 Chuef Lada: Marble Potatoes, Pearl Onions, and Mustard Greens

I didn’t really enjoy this dish. It was too heavy for a long course.

Egg Cream

Orange, Cocoa Nib, and Seltzer

The egg cream is a traditional new-yorker drink. It was prepared tableside.

 Cheesecake:Goat Cheese, Cara Cara Orange, Vanilla

The orange sat nicely to balance the richness of the cheese. This was so good!

 Chocolate Sorbet with Caramelized cocoa Pastry, Meyer Lemon, and Olive Oil

This dessert was blowing my mind away. The combination of texture and the flavor married each other brilliantly.

 There you go, this is the true version of black and white cookies.



I was coming to this restaurant with pretty high expectation. Overall , I like the progression of flavor and texture that coming from each dish. But in my opinion, I just felt that the flavor’s journey failed to reach the climax. Clearly, this restaurant was worth *** star and one of the best restaurant in the world. I can feel that the chef was so obsessed with great produce and the natural flavor that comes from it. They apply the modern techniques a lot into the food and serve in immaculate presentation. Great experience overall. I was not feeling disappointed, but maybe it’s just not my cup of tea.


Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Phone: 212.889.0905

Lunch: Monday–Friday, noon–2:00p.m.
Dinner: Monday–Saturday, 5:30 p.m.–10:30 p.m



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  1. A friend of mine has described his experience at this restaurant as the highlight of his life!

    • That’s what my expectation before I came to this restaurant after I red several blogs. But then again food is something personal. The food just too pure (maybe this is the best way to describe it), but it doesn’t mean I need more gimmick. The flavor progression just doesn’t really suit my palate. By the way, thank for your time to read my post. Appreciate it.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed your time at EMP. A solid restaurant indeed. My only problem is that by 3 star Michelin standards, I find it just Ok, not great. At 2 star Michelin level, I’d say YES. Not at 3 stars level. Which is what can be said of plenty of highly rated restaurants, when compared to the standards established at their respective levels, and honestly stars or not it should not be the question, but the problem is that it charges the 3 star prices. And that is where I am a bit hurt. Aside from that, a charming high end dining experience, for sure.

  3. Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely think this site
    needs far more attention. I’ll probably be back again to
    read more, thanks for the advice!


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