Longhorn, buffalo, deer, elk, mountain, trees. These are the view that you will get when you go to Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refugee located at Oklahoma. The history can be traced back since 1901. Who knows beside all the wonderful wildlife, they have the historical burger. Meers Restautant, known for its burger and proclaimed as the best burger in Oklahoma. The history says that this restaurant was a transformation from a neighborhood grocery store in 1976, and served mainly for local cowboys.


I’m pretty sure the only thing that most people would do when entering the restaurant is taking out their cameras and start to take pictures. They have warming ambiance, and partially you will feel like you’re inside the museum, not a restaurant. It was a nice feeling being here.

When it comes to food, here we go! This is the best burger in Oklahoma. Meers’ burger was like representing the cowboys at the old days. It’s big, thick, no fancy decoration, no bullshit, and the most important, it packs of flavor! They give you their identity on the plate.

The burger always cooked to medium well to well done and served with mustard, dill pickles, tomatoes, purple onion, and lettuce. They only use 97% lean grass fed Longhorn beef from their own Longhorn Herd.


One of my friends doesn’t eat beef, so that he ordered BBQ chicken instead. The chicken was served with coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, and bread. I didn’t really care about the side dish, but the chicken was great, really tasty. The meat was so tender until I can’t stop my hand from taking one bite and another from my friend’s plate.

Like the burger like the beer. “Our Meers Gold brew is a wheat brew. It is handcrafted by the Krebs Brewing Company using the original recipe from the Choctaw Nation. Meers Gold is not Filtered. The filtration makes the brew look clear and stops fermentation while not affecting the robust flavor.” Meers.

Homemade vanilla ice cream and peach melba. I won’t deny it was a great ice cream, but in my opinion it was far too sweet, especially for the melba. I was enjoying my beer more than my ice cream.

Note: Thinking of order the desert? Please, share with your friend, the portion is big!

It was a really great experience overall, maybe this was once in a lifetime for me, longhorn burger, great beer, warming atmosphere, chilling with friends. Eating at Meers was like eating every single piece of history.



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