During my trip to U.S., I was had a chance to visit San Francisco South Bay area. I remembered one of my friends introduced me about Manresa restaurant in Los Gatos. This ** restaurant just got #48 position in one of the most prestigious award 50 Best restaurant by San Pellegrino. This restaurant also known for its produces, especially vegetables, that come from Cynthia Sandberg’s Love Apple Farms in the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains. The produces are grown by using biodynamic technique.

Roasted Bell Pepper Gelee and Black Olives Madeleine

The first thought in my mind by looking at these things were something sweet, but at the moment you put those things in your mouth, they contains several dimensions of flavor. The Roasted Bell Pepper gelee was delicious. It was savory yet sweet at the same time. And the sweetness of madeleine compliment the taste of the gelee.

Raw Milk Panna Cotta, Abalone, Abalone-dashi gelee

Again, the “sweet” presentation gives you a total different flavor in your mouth. For me this was a clever and well-balanced dish. It has a hint of meyer-lemon that gives extra kick.

Garden Beignets with Crispy Kale

 This bite-sized golden brown ball with crispy kale was absolutely delicious.


Savory Granola, Aromatic Herb Curd, Peas and Rice

If I were the peas, I would be happy to be cooked like this. They were really fresh, and I like the way this dish delivered the simplicity of peas in a elegant way.

Summer squash, Nasturtium, Cultured Cream

I like the way the flavor of this dish plays in your mouth. It has the right balance of acidic and sweetness, savory, and refreshing at the same time.

 Garden vegetable

This is one of the signature dishes by David Kinch. This plate tells you the idea, philosophy, appreciation, creation, and passion  about the greens. The dish itself might looks simple in green, but a lot of things going on on this plate. From the baby carrot, baby radish, greens, everything has the right texture. For me, this is fireworks.

 Tidal pool

Here’s another signature dish from David Kinch, Tidal Pool.  It has a touch of Japanese identity from the way this dish works. The golden dashi broth served with some selection of the freshest seafood on that day such as abalone, sea urchin scallop, even foie gras. The flavor was really amazing and well balanced.

 Japanese Sea Bream, Garlic Puree, Sesame Salt, Orange Jam.

I quite like dish dish.  The puree, orange jam, and sea bream worked beautifully. The only problem that I felt was only the fish. It was slightly undercooked. I’m not trying to be fuzzy, but when you have 2 to 3 things on the plate, you expect perfection on the plate, but I didn’t get it from this plate.

Suckling goat, fava bean puree, goat milk’s curd.

I didn’t manage to capture this dish, because at the moment the plate arrived on the table I can’t wait to taste the beautifully cooked young goat. I was so tender. I won’t say the combination was perfect, but other components compliment the goat in a unique way. I took this picture from my friend’s phone. And this is the best that he took.

Roasted duck, Mushroom, Shallot Jus

Again, a beautifully cooked duck that melts in your mouth as soon as you put in. the mushroom and shallot were boosting the flavor of the duck.


Mint Tea

This tea made from different kind of mints those picked freshly from the garden on the same day. It was so refreshing.

 Geranium Foam, Cucumber Sorbet, Strawberry Soup

This combination is perfect for the palate cleanser. I never tried cucumber sorbet before. But it was really refreshing. The strawberry and the sorbet paired beautifully.

 Pistachio Parfait, Red Wine Meringue, Cherry Crumble

This is so good!! Especially the smooth parfait married with the cherry crumble and red wine meringue. The balance of sweet and sour was just nice.

 Strawberry Gellee, Chocolate madeleine

These are the sweet version for the amuse bouche. Same texture, same appearance, but two different flavor.

The overall experience at Manresa restaurant was up and down. In terms of flavor and texture, they’re really nailed. They were able to bring roller coaster into our mouth. Most of the dishes are well balanced and executed really well. But we’re quite disappointed by the way their portioned their dish. It was incredibly small. We were still craving for food just after we finished the last meal. Some of you might argue that this is the way tasting menu is, or maybe I’m just a big eater. But hey, this is not my first experience. I didn’t expect it to be full, but leaving the restaurant with close to empty stomach was just not right. We’re pay big bucks for it, and 4 of us agree with the same thing.


320 Village Lane, Los Gatos, CA 95030


Wednesday–Sunday, from 5:30 p.m. The cocktail lounge opens 5:00 p.m

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