I feel quite lucky because I don’t have to travel as far as France to experience Haute Cuisine. Caprice is the most luxurious, elegant, and brilliant in delivering the best Haute Cuisine as possible in Hong Kong. Together with Lung King Heen, both of them are the first French and Chinese restaurant that earn 3 Michelin Stars in Hong Kong. The executive chef, Vincent Thierry, built his skills in some Michelin starred kitchen across the country such as Four Seasons Hotel George V, Le Buerehiesel, and Le Cinq.


IMG_1795Shellfish Consomme, lemon grass and ginger mousse, Sea Urchin

IMG_1798Tourteau Crab Tiramisu – Fruity Marinade and Tandoori Spices

This beautiful tiramisu cake look-a-like doesn’t only please your eyes, but your palate as well. It was so creamy, fresh, and the fruity marinade works properly with the crab. Delicious!

IMG_1797Langoustine Ravioli – Veal Sweetbreads and Chanterelle Mushrooms in Shellfish Bisque

Stunning! I can’t describe this dish more than amazing. Every single element on the plate was the star, and everything were cooked to perfection. Flavor wise? Oh, give me more, it was really blew my mind away!

Challans Duck Fillet – Duck Leg Parmentier, Jardinière Vegetables and Apple Chutney Sauce

The duck fillet was good. It was moist and tender, even nothing’s wrong with the vegetables. But I’m not a fan of the duck leg parmentier. It’s slightly too rich for me.

IMG_1802Racan Pigeon Feuilleté – Foie Gras, Nori Seaweed and Aubergine Fondant in Warm Citrus Vinaigrette

Pigeon is always my favorite protein. Clearly, every element on this plate was handled with care. The carrot ball was tender but still have a bite to it. The pigeon was cooked perfectly accompanied with amazing jus.

IMG_1805Pre Dessert –  Cherries Textures

IMG_1815Mango Mousse Parfait – Yoghurt Meringue and Shortbread, Mango Emulsion, Elderflower Sorbet

Refreshing! Here you can get different texture from crumble, crisp, soft, cold, and also you get different side from the sweetness to the sourness from this incredible tropical fruit.

IMG_1813Tainori Chocolate – Wild Strawberries and Basil Sorbet

“What the!?” that’s my impression when this futuristic dessert arrived on the table. I like the presentation. The chocolate, strawberry, and the sorbet were able to come together harmoniously.

IMG_1806Petit Four

Passion Fruit Dark Chocolate, Macaroon Orange Ginger, Dark Chocolate with different texture of strawberry

Caprice for me is not just about enjoying what is on your plate. It’s all about the whole experience. The ambiance, the view, the service, they’re just, perfect. If you don’t believe such thing as perfection, I would say dining at caprice is something that you won’t easily forget. Would I return again? Definitely.


Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

Lunch 12:00 noon – 2:30 pm

Dinner 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm

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