San Francisco

San Francisco. In my opinion, it has the best weather in the world. In the afternoon you won’t feel offended by the sun, and in the evening you’ll feel threatened by the cold. Food? Hmmm… I just browsed my photos in my iPhone and they remind me instantly about the food experience down there.

IMG_2475Tony’s Pzza Napoletana.

Great pizza and the meting cheese is worth to die for. I enjoyed this with the bone marrow on toast on a windy evening.


Is everything in States close with something “BIG” including…… dim sum? This is the most worth it Dim Sum I ever eaten in my whole life so far. Delicious, Big, Cheap, Healthy, at least compared to Mcdonalds. What’s more do you need? I got it at China town.

 IMG_2476RnG Lounge

Good for you San Francisco, you don’t have to travel as far to the east to have a great Chinese food. Here at RnG lounge is mind blowing! It’s listed in SF Michelin Bib Gourmand.


House Of Prime Rib

Rib, will never get any better than this. Meaty, Beefy, Juicy, Tender, every single thing that you need to have on a piece of steak, served with warm mashed and Yorkshire Pudding with beef jus. Man, this is fit for a king!

Swan Oyster Depot

Seafood seafood seafood seafood. Swan Oyster Depot is a must go for seafood lover. Nothing complicated, nothing fancy, no bullshit, it’s all about you, and your seafood. That’s it.


Damn! I forget where’s it. The only thing I can tell you is this is a bloody g o o d piece of cupcakes.

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  1. This entry officially made me hungry. I love the food scene in San Francisco!

  2. Love San Fran such a great city…Love the Wharf too. To many places to eat though.


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