Amuz Gourmet


Amuz Gourmet is regarded as one of the best French fine dining establishment in Jakarta. Since the opening in 2010, the restaurant has been received numerous award including Asia Tatler, and listed at Miele Guide for Indonesia region. The French-born chef, Gilles Marx, is the chef founder and has more than 20 years experience, including in several Michelin starred restaurant in Lyon, Burgundy, and Paris.

The executive chef, Stefu Santoso, who works alongside chef Gilles is the Vice President of Culinary Professionals Indonesia. With more than 12 years experience in his arms, he started his career by taking hospitality school before he nailed his reputation from the bottom. He worked at Jakarta Peninsulla Hotel, and then moved to Jakarta Park Lane Hotel where he got his last position as an executive chef at one of the country’s best French restaurant, RIVA.


The food here is contemporary French. I choose to build my own meal instead getting a tasting menu.

IMG_3812Welcome Bread

IMG_3811Artichoke Consomme, Atichoke Crisp, and Tuna Toro tar tar

A light and fresh start from the tuna, and finished with a warm artichoke consomme.

IMG_3816Chilled Alaskan King Crab and Sweet Papaya Salad.

I have no doubt for the freshness of the crab, but the orange – dill vinaigrette needs a little bit more acidity to balance the sweetness of the crab and the papaya to my taste.

IMG_5052Wild Mushroom Tea Infused Consomme, sauteed Porcini, White Truffle Scented Potato Espuma.

This is a lovely dish. I enjoyed this dish as mush as I enjoyed a cup of hot cappuccino on Sunday afternoon. The creaminess from the espuma blends beautifully with the consomme.

IMG_3818Pan-seared Diver Scallop & Light Creamed Baby Butter Lettuce, served with Black Summer Truffle Jus, and Pomme Paile

Scallops were cooked to perfection, but they tasted slightly bland. I feel that they were kind of lost their natural sweetness. The other thing is that the endives just didn’t work with the scallop.

IMG_3820Pan Roasted Live Canadian Lobster, Kipfler Potatoes, Harricot Coco Plats, XO Lobster Jus.

The lobster slightly too much bite to my liking. I won’t say this is a bad dish, but I feel that it’s lacking of wow factor. It’s pretty a decent dish.

IMG_3825Raspberry mille-feuille.

Classic at its best!

The overall experience at Amuz didn’t really meet my expectation. I came here with a great expectation to have faultless cooking and perfect service. Beside the slow phase between meal, most of the front house staffs struggled to give details about the food, they need to ask their supervisor to do it. If this is what they called the best French restaurant in town, they need to offer more than what I had that night. I hope I was wrong.

Amuz Gourmet


Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 – 53 SCBD Senayan Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta  Indonesia

+62 21 2505064

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