L’atelier de Joel Robuchon Singapore


Did you remember the last big mac you had at the McDonald? How did it tasted like? I think wherever you eat a handful of big mac in every McDonald counters around the world, it will taste almost the same, some other dishes might be slightly different from one shop to another, but the concept is still remain the same.

Have you ever imagine what does it like to maintain a fine dining restaurant chain around the globe, where you need to put the exact amount of precision in every single places and plates to every single diner? It’s far more complicated than just maintaining the quality of a piece of big mac isn’t it?

Chef Jöel Robuchon was born in Poitiers, France, 7 April 1945, is the man who redefines nouvelle cuisine in the 60’s from the image of complex foods to heavy sauces into simpler, lighter, and giving more highlights to the ingredients. He is awarded “Chef of the Century” by Gault Milau in 1989, and also the man who earns more Michelin star than any chefs on this planet (27 stars in total across the globe based on 2014 Michelin guide).

The first L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon was set up in 2003, 7 years after his retirement at the age of 50 in 1996. The idea behind it is to have more relaxing dining environment without sacrificing the quality of the food. The restaurant concepts is inspired from having a small plates of food in a bar or restaurant during his travel to Japan and Spain, where the customers are able to interact with the chefs. To balance it, they have more formal dining options at Jöel Robuchon restaurant with more elaborate dishes.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon


Bread Selections


Foie Gras custard, Port Wine Reduction, Parmesan Foam

Three layers, three flavours, three textures. When Foie Gras is paired with sweet and sour sauce, it’s almost difficult to get it wrong as long as they’re executed rightly. The rich livery flavor is complimented beautifully by the port wine sauce. The mild parmesan taste from the foam gives it an extra smooth finish.



Monaco style king crab salad with mozzarella

This was my first time to eat mozzarella together with the crab. Obviously you’ll get different texture and flavor from this dish. The crab is fresh, naturally sweet, and it goes well with the richness from the mozzarella. The acidity from the vinaigrette balanced the richness well enough. It’s a pretty decent dish to be honest.



Seared Scallops, Endives Salad, Lemon dressing

The scallops was perfectly cooked and seasoned beautifully. At first I thought the salad was under-dressed (needs a little bit more acidity), but thanks the dried tomato that lifted up the flavor. I prefer this salad compared to the other one.

 IMG_0444 IMG_0445 IMG_0446


Dover sole Meunière, baby spinach leaves.

Classic at its best! The fish was cooked on the bone a la plancha, served with brown butter and lemon. This plate of food is just can’t get any better than this. But too bad, the beautifully cooked spinach was filled with too much wasabi dressing until both me and my partner were agreed to send it back.



Caramelised quail and mashed potatoes

The excitement from this dish didn’t just stop at the perfectly cooked and well seasoned quail. The stuffed Foie Gras does really enhanced the flavor by adding extra richness without being too overpowering.

The Legendary Robuchon Pomme Puree is one of the best human invention on the planet. It always stick to his golden rule, “2 pounds of potatoes and a ½ pound of butter”. It’s silky smooth, buttery, and packed with lots of flavor. This is the “first-class mashed”.

 IMG_0452 IMG_0453


The sphere coated with ivory chocolate, jelly of Kalamansi, Lemon sorbet.

This dessert has a little theatrical effect where the orange sphere was poured with citrus syrup, and you’ll find the lemon sorbet is hidden inside it. I personally found this was very bright and refreshing, but after awhile I felt like the flavor is slightly boring. Make sure you eat it quick otherwise it will end up as a citrus soup with citrus jelly.



Yoghurt panna cotta lightness, rhubarb compote and Mare des bois strawberries


Le Souffle

Hot Yuzu soufflé with raspberry sorbet

Spotless soufflé that’s rising up beautifully and soft in the center is a perfect dessert to end every meal. It is light and fluffy in the center and gives a clean citrusy flavor on the palate.

L’Atelier (means “workshop”) de Jöel Robuchon is clearly the right place to have great quality of food without sacrificing your wallet. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed but still maintaining the service quality. The food might have some ups and downs, but overall, they’re doing quite well in my opinion. Since this is my first experience at one of the Robuchon’s empires, I just can’t wait for more.

L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon Singapore


8 Sentosa Gateway  Singapore 098269

+65 6577 6688


6pm – 10.30pm
Weekend Lunch:
12pm to 2pm

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