Tate Dining Room

DSC02046I always love the idea of a small fine dining restaurant. It’s just feel somewhat more warm, intimate, unpretentious, and focus. Here I am, dining at a restaurant headed by the best Female chef in Asia 2015, Vicky Lau, who once graduated as a graphic designer from New York University before she enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu Bangkok. Chef Lau honed his skills under Sebastien Lepinoy during his time at Cepage. (Sebastien Lepinoy is currentlyheading Les Amis’s kitchen in Singapore. Review).

DSC02026I hate to say this, but the bread was honestly felt dry. It didn’t belong in a 1* restaurant. 1/10

DSC02037Our meal started with 5 amuse bouches that represent the 5 Chinese elements.


Quail egg coated with ginseng chicken broth, smoked eel, dashi sphere, corn panacotta, mushroom panacotta

Ode to tomatoes

Ode to tomatoes

five type of tomatoes tartare, strawberry tomato gazpacho, smoked sardine, marrakech lemon skin confit

The strawberry and the tomato tasted really fresh and vibrant with a hint of smoke sardine on your palate. All flavor worked well without a single flavor dominated the plate. 8/10

DSC02040The brioche was definitely way better than the first bread. Good crust on the outside and soft inside.

The Sea

The Sea

Seascallop espuma, taraba crab meat, yuzu gelee, marinated jelly fish, osetra caviar, rice paper

Hong Kong version of “Song of the Sea” probably? It left me the heavy flavor impression at first, judged by the presentation itself, but when you start to dig in, you’ll find that this dish packed with sea flavor yet still feel light in a good way. Very enjoyable. 9/10

Hokkigai Clam

Hokkigai Clam

root vegetable mille feuille, cauliflower black garlic espuma, fresh water clam sauce

A nice blend between sea and earthy flavor. Everything was cooked and seasoned just right. 7.5/10

Sakura Ebi

Sakura Ebi

Lobster broth, fregola pasta, mentaiko, vin jaunne foam, kombu, crispy sakura ebi

I didn’t manage to enjoy this dish since it just felt too heavy. The shellfish flavor was just overpowering the whole dish. I believe it would taste better if the flavor was lighter and having more acidity into it. The Vin Jaunne foam almost just there for the sake of the presentation only. 4.5/10

Rose Bresse Pigeon

Rose Bresse Pigeon

slow cooked breast of pigeon, filo pastry wrapped fermented mustard green thigh of pigeon, roasted baby beetroot, pigeon jus

The meat was just juicy and tender. The jus was rich and worked as the flavor booster really well. The fig managed to cut the richness and balance the dish. 9/10

Honey, Milk, & Chamomile

Honey, Milk, & Chamomile

Honey, Milk, & Chamomile

Honey, Milk, & Chamomile

Home made wing ho hong kong bee farm honey ice cream, chamomile white chocolate mousse, dacquoise, yogurt meringue, willams pear ice cream

I’m not a big fan of white chocolate and sweet desserts, but this one clearly won my heart. 8/10

Zen Garden

Zen Garden

Zen Garden

Zen Garden

Passion fruit marshmallow, matcha macaroon, dark chocolate coconut


Tate is very enjoyable to your eye and your palate. Without any doubt, Chef Lau’s accent appeared on the whole meal. The plates were neat and artistic yet not too complicated. Some dish like Ode to Tomatoes and The Sea were just perfect. Most of the dish feels light without losing any flavor profile. Too bad, some dish was off balance, otherwise it would be a perfect dinner.


Tate Dining Room


Hong Kong, 中環蘇豪伊利近街59號地下

+852 2555 2172



Les Amis

Les Amis

The Friends, is what Les Amis stands for in French. Since the opening in 1994, Les Amis has been the temple of French cuisine, and that put Singapore into the world culinary map. The restaurant has several prestigious accolades including San Pellegrino world’s 100 best restaurants 2013 (ranked 81st), San Pellegrino Asia’s 50best 2013 & 2014 (ranked 14th), and The Miele Guide Asia’s 10th best restaurant.


The kitchen is helmed by Chef de Cuisine Sebastien Lepinoy, who widely known as the legendary Robuchon’s right hand man before he joined Les Amis group in 2010 as the head chef of Cépage restaurant in Hong Kong. He took out Les Amis’s kitchen since September 2013. He applies classic French technique with a touch of Asian accent on his food.

IMG_0718Mini Croutons (olive, tomato, fennel), Mini Baguettes, Sour dough, Hazelnut Bread.

IMG_0768Teppanyaki Seared scallop, Teriyaki Sauce

This is exactly how I would like my scallop to be cooked every time. The texture was just perfectly crisp on the surface and slightly rare in the center. It’s fresh, has an intense sweet sea flavor with a little bit of acidity from a tiny squeeze of lime and coated thinly with teriyaki dipping…. unbeatable.

IMG_0770Foie Gras Custard, Artichoke Soup, Shaved Truffle.

IMG_0709Simple yet elegant dish. Both the custard and the soup were light and balanced perfectly, nothing was too dominant or heavy, especially the foie gras usually has a tendency to deliver strong flavor, but this one they really nailed it.

IMG_0707Sea Bass, Crispy Leek, Caviar Sauce

The Sea Bass was spotless, it was perfect in both seasoning and cooking. The only concern that I had was I prefer for the sauce to have a little bit more acidity to lift up the flavor. Lacking of acidity almost turned the dish flat.

IMG_0769Grilled Dry Aged Beef Tenderloin, Asparagus, Rich Jus, White Miso

The meat was cooked perfectly and delivered everything that you want to get from the beef. It was perfectly charred, tender but still have the meaty texture (very different from the tender feeling you get from sous vide), and seasoned beautifully. Everything on the plate were delivered with precise cooking. It doesn’t require any unnecessary dressing or plating. A pair of perfectly cooked asparagus were really did the justice.

IMG_0699Pinot Noir Macerated Strawberries, Yoghurt Ice Cream, Almond Cake

It might looks simple, but, believe me, it is not easy to find the right balance for a dessert like this. The Yoghurt ice cream compliments the warm, mellow strawberries really well.

IMG_0697Madelaine, Lemon Cream

Do I need any more explanation about this? 🙂

I realize that simplicity is getting rarer these days. Is it because simplicity is just too difficult to master? or they just thought that simplicity means boring. Simplicity demands heavily on great produce and perfect execution, and Les Amis clearly knows this game really well. There’s nothing to hide on that afternoon, where every 3 to 4 things on the plate were perfectly executed without any unnecessary garnish or seasoning. This place has a lot to offer. I will go back to this place beyond any doubt.

Les Amis


1 Scotts Road, #02-16 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
+65 6733 2225


Cuca Flavor

Cuca flavor is currently the most-talked about restaurant in Bali, since the opening in mid 2013, it’s been reached the top rank on Trip Advisor website in short period.

Before moving to Bali, Kevin Cherkas had spent some of his career at several starred restaurants around the world including El Bulli and Arzak in Spain, and Daniel in NYC.

Before Cuca, I heard and red some articles about him during his time at BLU restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. He’s known for his molecular approach on his food such as “breakfast” dessert which looked like an sunny-side-up, but made from coconut cream and mango juice (they served it at Cuca too!).

Tired of working in fast-paced fine dining environment, he then tried to open a place where he can deliver high quality food with more relaxing environment. His philosophy is using only Indonesian ingredients, but focusing mainly from Bali. Basically, he tries to apply modern technique on local ingredients.

Most of the food here is tapas size because they’re mean to be shared among your dining partners. It’s good really, since you can try different dishes without worrying about getting full too fast.


IMG_0567“Pan Con Tomate” and Betutu Cotton Candy
Famed Bread, Crushed Tomato, Chili, Parsley, Garlic Aioli

Cuca’s version of original spanish tomato bread. I really can’t compare with the authentic spanish version, because they just different in terms of flavor. This one has more intense and bold flavor with Indonesian touch on the tomato dipping.

The cotton candy was close to unedible. The feeling was like having a hunk of cotton candy dusted with unpleasant betutu-flavored msg.

IMG_0569Smoked Sablefish
Beetroot Yoghurt, Avocado, Bread Cracker, Wild Herbs.

Intense smoke flavor from the fish, and the beetroot tasted mildly from the yoghurt which compliment the fish really well. Delicious.

IMG_0570Glazed Young Carrot Salad
Whipped Avocado, Bedugul Strawberry, Cashew Nut, Basil

This is one of my favorite dish. The carrot was very tender, but still managed to have the right bite. It’s perfectly glazed with a hint of cumin at the back. The strawberry delivered the right amount of acidity.

IMG_0571Crispy Wild Chicken

Wild Honey, Country Coleslaw, Sesame Dust, Lemon Basil

Some people says this is one of the highlight, but i feel that this one pretty mediocre. The only good thing about it is the beetroot-infused-cabbaged-slaw. The honey was to overpowering which make chicken tasted more like a dessert.

IMG_0572Bbq Octopus

Asian Gazpacho, Fresh Apple, Caramelized Cauliflower,Coriander

Everyone has to agree that this plate looks georgeos! It’s clean, simple, green, and bright. At first I didn’t like the gazpacho, the flavor is too complex, and lots of coriander (I hate coriander by the way). But after awhile it tasted quite good actually. The problem here is the octopus itself. I know that octopus is difficult to be cooked properly, it has a very fine line between undercooked and overcooked, and between mushy and tender. The octopus meat it tasty, but it’s slightly mushy to my preference.

IMG_0574Roasted Tiger Prawn

Sweet and Sour Eggplant, Red Chili, Light Coconut Broth, Kaffir Lime

This dish was packed of flavor, especially the “light” broth which I personally feel that it has intense prawn flavor. The broth was slightly too thick to my liking, but flavor wise was just spotless.

IMG_0577Chilled Watermelon Salad

Calamansi, Pink Radish, Pandawa Seaweed, Sesame, Cilantro

Again, cuca managed to put simple ingredients together to create something flavorful. It looks fresh and simple where some of the watermelon balls wearing radish hats. The sweetness from the watermelon is well balanced by the calamansi.


White Wine, Iced Fruit, Brandy Soda

IMG_0575Bali Breakfast

Sweet Runny Mango, Frozen Passion Fruit, Whipped Coconut

This “breakfast” dessert is one of his signature dish during his time at BLU restaurant in Singapore. Even though I haven’t tried the original version yet, I believe that the concept is still the same. The mango sphere is placed on top of coconut milk foam which created refreshing flavor.

IMG_0576Cocoa 8

Warm Dark Chocolate Mousse, Mint Ice Cream, Cocoa Crouton

This dessert is inspired by “after 8” chocolate bar that you can easily get in the supermarket. Basically it’s a marriage of chocolate and mint. The mint sorbet was just can’t get any better than this. It’s packed with strong mint flavor, and mellowed by the luxurious warm dark chocolate mousse.

IMG_0582BBQ Berry

Grilled Mountain Strawberries, Almond Ice Cream, Pandan Custard

It’s hard to decide which dessert I like the most because most of them were just keep teasing my evening. The grilling treatment manages to reduce the sourness and let the sugar caramelized a little bit.


 Since I went there in a big group, I didn’t really try the rest of the desserts.



Monkey Business

BBQ Banana Pudding, Espresso Gelato, Hazelnut Dust, Whiskey Butterscotch


IMG_0584 Pineapple Pudding

Roasted Pineapple, Sesame Ginger Pudding, Frozen Crumbled Yoghurt, Tarragon

To sum up the whole experience at Cuca, this place is all about the man, Kevin Cherkas, who knows really well how do flavors suppose to marry each other. I think almost every dish tasted delicious, and that is the most important thing on the plate apart from the gorgeous plating and so on. I really respect him since he tries to channel his passion by using local products in the middle of the trends where our local chefs tend to westernize their cooking mindset. This is the place where you can spend a romantic evening without getting any fine dining intimidation, or just spending time with your buddies in a good place that serves good food.

Cuca Flavor


Jalan Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran, Bali 80364, Indonesia

+62 361 708066



Pollen Singapore

After leaving Ramsay’s empire in 2010, Jason Atherton launched his own company, Jason Atherton Ltd. And opened his first restaurant Table No. 1 in Shanghai. In 2011, he was opening Pollen Street Social in London, and has been awarded 1 Michelin Star. Currently he has several restaurants, three of them are in Singapore.

Jason Atherton spent his younger days at some of the British culinary Godfathers including Nico Ladenis, Pierre Koffman, and Marco Pierre White. He was also the first British chef to stage at Ferran Adria’s El Bulli. He’s one of Ramsay’s former protégé as a chef de cuisine at Maze restaurant for 9 years before he leaved in 2010.

Pollen in Singapore is the Jason’s fine dining venture beside his other sites, Esquina and Keong Saik Snacks with more relaxing environment.



Amuse Bouche

Homemade baguette served with seaweed and black sesame butter, Homemade Crackling with mustard and apple puree, Parmesan Truffle Rice.

Even at the start, the food speaks about Jason’s great influence from Asian cuisine, the seaweed and black sesame butter gives you the unusual and exotic sensation about eating bread and butter. The crackling was quite decent, and the parmesan truffle rice was failed to impressed me. It was lacking of flavor. The truffle oil aroma and the rice were just felt unpleasant to me.


Back-to-Front Squid risotto, Cauliflower, Roasted Squid Consommé

This dish is all about playing on the texture without sacrificing the main ingredient quality which is the squid, where the risotto was actually the squid that had been cut about a rice-size, and the used-to-squid cracker is actually made from rice.


Slow-cooked egg, Pea soup, Sourdough

Most of the time, a simple dish is the most difficult one to make. This soup was under seasoned to my taste. It tasted rather bland. Too bad, the soup didn’t matched well with the perfectly cooked poached egg. When you have a bowl of pea soup, you need that warm and hearty feeling when you put a spoon of soup in your mouth. It’s just missed from this bowl.


Fillet of Cod, Broccoli Stem and Quinoa, Cockles and Cabaneros

The perfectly cooked fish was served with potato gnocchi with mushroom-chrysanthemum-tarragon tea. I feel that the broth really compliment the fish really well. It was packed of flavor but still light at the same time, so the aroma and the flavor penetrate slowly to the fish without overpowering the fish.

IMG_0512Squab Pigeon, Braised Leg, Rhubarb, Caramelized Radicchio, Golden Raisins

This was my favorite plate on that afternoon after a let down from the pea soup. Everything on this plate was just immaculate, seasoned really well, and each component from the perfectly glazed carrot, to the onion puree with a hint of nutmeg flavor in it was sublime. It’s almost impossible to left a thing on the plate.

Dessert Bar:

IMG_0510Nuances of Red

Hibiscus and Yoghurt Ice Cream, Pickled Raspberries and Orchids

I personally feel that the sweet and sour element from this dessert is great for a pre-dessert, especially before you had the Chocolate “Kopi”. It is red, bright, vibrant, sharp, and incredibly refreshing on the palate.

IMG_0511Chocolate “Kopi”

Rum Raisin, Coffee, Truffle Honey

A small, simple, and yet elegant dessert that is beautifully presented really was the best way to end my lunch.

It was a let down at first, but luckily the food manage to climb up in terms of execution and flavor. Some of the dish was far too simple until it was sacrificing the flavor, but most of it were good. No doubt, Jason Atherton is still a genius. I like his approach to serve anti-bullshit food with good flavor combination. He always try to keep it simple without sacrificing the magic on the plate.

Pollen Singapore


Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive #01-09
Singapore 018953

Opening Hours (Tuesday to Sunday)
Lunch: 12.00pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.00pm
Pollen Afternoon Tea: 3pm to 5pm
Pollen Bistro: 12pm to 9pm (Daily)



L’atelier de Joel Robuchon Singapore


Did you remember the last big mac you had at the McDonald? How did it tasted like? I think wherever you eat a handful of big mac in every McDonald counters around the world, it will taste almost the same, some other dishes might be slightly different from one shop to another, but the concept is still remain the same.

Have you ever imagine what does it like to maintain a fine dining restaurant chain around the globe, where you need to put the exact amount of precision in every single places and plates to every single diner? It’s far more complicated than just maintaining the quality of a piece of big mac isn’t it?

Chef Jöel Robuchon was born in Poitiers, France, 7 April 1945, is the man who redefines nouvelle cuisine in the 60’s from the image of complex foods to heavy sauces into simpler, lighter, and giving more highlights to the ingredients. He is awarded “Chef of the Century” by Gault Milau in 1989, and also the man who earns more Michelin star than any chefs on this planet (27 stars in total across the globe based on 2014 Michelin guide).

The first L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon was set up in 2003, 7 years after his retirement at the age of 50 in 1996. The idea behind it is to have more relaxing dining environment without sacrificing the quality of the food. The restaurant concepts is inspired from having a small plates of food in a bar or restaurant during his travel to Japan and Spain, where the customers are able to interact with the chefs. To balance it, they have more formal dining options at Jöel Robuchon restaurant with more elaborate dishes.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon


Bread Selections


Foie Gras custard, Port Wine Reduction, Parmesan Foam

Three layers, three flavours, three textures. When Foie Gras is paired with sweet and sour sauce, it’s almost difficult to get it wrong as long as they’re executed rightly. The rich livery flavor is complimented beautifully by the port wine sauce. The mild parmesan taste from the foam gives it an extra smooth finish.



Monaco style king crab salad with mozzarella

This was my first time to eat mozzarella together with the crab. Obviously you’ll get different texture and flavor from this dish. The crab is fresh, naturally sweet, and it goes well with the richness from the mozzarella. The acidity from the vinaigrette balanced the richness well enough. It’s a pretty decent dish to be honest.



Seared Scallops, Endives Salad, Lemon dressing

The scallops was perfectly cooked and seasoned beautifully. At first I thought the salad was under-dressed (needs a little bit more acidity), but thanks the dried tomato that lifted up the flavor. I prefer this salad compared to the other one.

 IMG_0444 IMG_0445 IMG_0446


Dover sole Meunière, baby spinach leaves.

Classic at its best! The fish was cooked on the bone a la plancha, served with brown butter and lemon. This plate of food is just can’t get any better than this. But too bad, the beautifully cooked spinach was filled with too much wasabi dressing until both me and my partner were agreed to send it back.



Caramelised quail and mashed potatoes

The excitement from this dish didn’t just stop at the perfectly cooked and well seasoned quail. The stuffed Foie Gras does really enhanced the flavor by adding extra richness without being too overpowering.

The Legendary Robuchon Pomme Puree is one of the best human invention on the planet. It always stick to his golden rule, “2 pounds of potatoes and a ½ pound of butter”. It’s silky smooth, buttery, and packed with lots of flavor. This is the “first-class mashed”.

 IMG_0452 IMG_0453


The sphere coated with ivory chocolate, jelly of Kalamansi, Lemon sorbet.

This dessert has a little theatrical effect where the orange sphere was poured with citrus syrup, and you’ll find the lemon sorbet is hidden inside it. I personally found this was very bright and refreshing, but after awhile I felt like the flavor is slightly boring. Make sure you eat it quick otherwise it will end up as a citrus soup with citrus jelly.



Yoghurt panna cotta lightness, rhubarb compote and Mare des bois strawberries


Le Souffle

Hot Yuzu soufflé with raspberry sorbet

Spotless soufflé that’s rising up beautifully and soft in the center is a perfect dessert to end every meal. It is light and fluffy in the center and gives a clean citrusy flavor on the palate.

L’Atelier (means “workshop”) de Jöel Robuchon is clearly the right place to have great quality of food without sacrificing your wallet. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed but still maintaining the service quality. The food might have some ups and downs, but overall, they’re doing quite well in my opinion. Since this is my first experience at one of the Robuchon’s empires, I just can’t wait for more.

L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon Singapore


8 Sentosa Gateway  Singapore 098269

+65 6577 6688


6pm – 10.30pm
Weekend Lunch:
12pm to 2pm

Novus Restaurant

Placed inside Singapore National Museum doesn’t make Novus Restaurant trapped in time by serving outdated dishes. Lead by Chef Stephan Zoisl who had been trained at some Michelin star restaurant in Asia and Portugal, and even landed himself  at The Fat Duck Restaurant, Novus serves Modern European Cuisine.

I was visiting this place on Easter day, instead of having the regular 60+ set menu, I had the $88++ Easter menu. It was a regular 4 course menu with several options for each course except the second course.



Amuse Bouche:

Seafood Ball (Scallops, fish, prawn), Tar Tar sauce, Oyster Leaf

 I prefer to have a scallop sitting on its own shell instead of mixed into mediocre seafood ball. Nothing wrong with the ball really, but that’s about it, nothing’s special. Thanks to the unique oyster leaf, like its name, it’s taste like oyster.


Foie Gras hot and cold. Figs, Passion Fruit, Red Veined Sorrel, Foie Gras.

Look at this. At the moment when this dish came to me, it was like broke my heart into million pieces. First of all, the presentation was way too messy. I don’t care if this is the way they want it to be presented, or you might disagree with my point of view. But this was just horrible.

The idea of this dish is serving cold version of Foie Gras in powder form, and hot version in mousse form.

For me, this dish was just far too rich. I was having confusion in the texture of hot version whether it was suppose to be mousy or custardy. If mousy, it was too runny. If custardy, it was too thick.

Flavor wise? The mousse was too sweet. It was almost like having a desert, almost unedible, the sourness from the passion fruit and the fig was failed to make the dish work. What a shame.

Warm Entrée:

White Asparagus. Soup vs Tempura

It’s a simple dish, and I expected it to be spot on. I took my first bite of the tempura. And it was slightly soggy. Damn. Move on to the soup. It was right in flavor wise, but I expected it to be slightly thicker. In my opinion, I would have this kind of soup with croutons for my breakfast, but not for my Easter dinner.


Lamb Trio. Roast Lamb Rack, Braised Lamb Shank Ragout, Lamb Wellington, Chargrilled Capsicum, Charcoal-polenta Rosemary

This dish was like an angel that saved me from my nightmare on Easter night. The roast lamb rack was absolutely spot on, the seasoning was perfect, pink and moist. The pastry of the wellington was slightly soggy, and the meat was not presented as the way I asked. I wanted it to be medium, not grey. The ragout was great.

It was absolutely delicious, every main component was spot on, but I just feel that they need to stop somewhere, the feeling was like after finishing my lamb rack, and moved to other component, I felt that these three things shouldn’t be on the same plate.


Chocolate palate with raspberry. White choholate, Chocolate 55%, 66%, 72%, 80%.

This was a pretty dish. I like the presentation and the idea. It was smart. I like it when at the moment you put the first chocolate component from left to right, it was like a journey of flavor and texture. The progression of flavor from sweet to bitter was amazing, the texture was perfect, and you will get excitement when you bite the Raspberry candy that sparks in your mouth, it wasn’t a new idea, but it works really well with this dish.


Hardly to say, Novus failed to make a great impression, I was expecting perfection from this simple 4 courses menu. I came with great expectation after reading some other blogs and articles about it. Again, maybe it was wrong for me for the setting the high expectation, or maybe we just has different opinion.


Novus Restaurant:

National Museum of Singapore
93, Stamford Road #01-02
Singapore 178897
+65 6336 8770


Keystone Restaurant

Keystone Restaurant was established in mid 2011. This new kid on the block serves Modern European cuisine, and lead by Chef de Cuisine Mark Richards who has been trained in some notable restaurants in Singapore such as Ember , Poppi Restaurant at The Legends, Heart Bistro, and Nautilus Project. This restaurant offers ala carte menu and tasting menu.I had 8 courses Chef’s Tasting Menu.

Amuse Bouche:

Braised Blackmore Pork, Grape Sauce Gel, Truffle Mash

 I really like the combination, the flavors work harmoniously in my mouth. The sauce was tasty, truffle mashed was perfect, but the only let down in this dish was the pork. The meat was really tender, tasty, but slightly dry.

Rosemary and Parmesan Flavored Charcoal Focaccia Bread

 I didn’t quite enjoy this bread. It has a bitter aftertaste.


First Course:

Jamon Iberico, Caramelized Figs, Reblochon Cheese, Rockmelon Gel, Passion Fruit Sorbet

 Again, this dish was just another disappointment. I completely understand that the chef is trying to be innovative, but in the end of the day, it’s all about flavor. The combination was just…weird. Saltiness from the bacon and the cheese, the sweetness from caramelized figs didn’t go really well. Thanks to the Passion Fruit sorbet, it’s really refreshing.


Second Course:

 Georges Banks Sea Scallop, Chickpea Puree, Cherry Tomato Confit, Smoked Kurobota Soil

 The scallops were cooked to the perfection, the seasoning was spot on, but the chickpea puree was slightly grainy. Tomato Confit, I don’t think it belongs in this dish in my opinion. But this course brought me fresh air after a bad start.


Third Course:

Hot and Cold Foie Gras

Hot: Pan Fried Foie Gras, Dashi Broth, Japanese Cabbage, Seaweed

Cold: Foie Gras, Crispy Seaweed, Yuzu Gel

This dish is the star on that night. It’s so beautiful and perfect. Yes it’s Foie Gras, the ingredient tastes heaven by itself, but if it never treated with justice, it’s just nothing. But this plate of food was so brilliant, the Foie Gras was cooked perfectly, the Dashi Broth was extremely tasty. For me, the flavors marry in heaven. The cold version of Foie Gras did the same justice, it was so refreshing, the Yuzu Gel gave an extra kick at the end. Love it.


White Wine: Leeuwin Estate


Fourth Course:

Ravioli of Green Pea Cauliflower Tofu, Hon Shimeji, White Asparagus,Truffle Beurre Blanc

This dish for me is a celebration for vegetarian. Even though the green pea filing was slightly grainy, it tasted really good.


Fifth Course:

Chilean Seabass Confit, Oscietra, Salsify, Duck Liver Emulsion, Juniper Berry Air

 The fish was well executed, cooked to perfection, the flavor worked well, but the salsify was a bit under cooked. It’s too crunchy for me.


Sixth Course (Main Course):

 Snake River Farm Pork Belly, Kakuni, Blood Orange & Chili Jus, Yukon Chip, Karashi Paint

 Since the first bite of this dish, I felt I just wanted to dive in even more. The pork was packed with flavor, extremely tender, and the sauce complimented the pork really well. Amazing.


Seventh Course (pre-desert):

Berry and Rhubarb Sorbet

Very smooth and very refreshing sorbet.


Eight Course (dessert):

Acquerello Pudding, Black Sesame, Tropical Corn, Tarragon Meringue

Basically, it’s a deconstructed rice pudding. In my opinion, it’s a mediocre dessert. Maybe I’m not a really big fan of rice pudding, but flavor wise, it’s just too sweet.


Overall, Keystone Restaurant is a……..wait a minute…..No petit fours????????

It’s quite surprising because there were no petit fours after the dessert. I was waiting and hoping they can deliver a happy ending for me after my mediocre dessert. But after I wait for a while the waiter served the tea and I asked is there any petit fours, and the waiter explained to me they don’t have petit fours and the pre-desert was actually a palate cleanser.

I was slurping my tea and thinking was she joking or something. But finally I asked my bill.

The overall dining experience was great. I would give 7.5/10. But for the service, I would give 20 out of 10, They were friendly and warming. Immaculate service I can say.


Keystone Restaurant

11 Stanley Street, Singapore, 068730